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Director and founder of Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution radio. Michael Keet (Viper-Oceania) introduces a new level of Electronic music.    

I am responsible for selecting the format, shows, and schedule for a radio station, having a final approval over the station’s music playlist. The station’s listening area demographics and ratings drive the program director’s decisions on format, i am in charge of entertaining pitches to include a new single in the playlist or organize a […]

The man responsible for overseeing and maintaining all equipment in both the recording and on air studios and the voice booth. The availability to resolve technical broadcast problems as required. Liase with any contracted technicians on all broadcasting and recording issues. I set up and engineer all live-to-air’s for Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution including club audio […]

The Production Manager ensuring the advertising and promotional content is produced to a high standard to meet the requirements. The responsibility for the audio content of broadcasts via radio, the internet and other mobile platforms, she is involved in the entire process, from generating ideas to managing the audience response after a programme. There is […]

I am the administration manager for Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution, my duties are ensuring that all shows are aired on time, setting up radio interviews including Skype and video feed, exploring new ideas, liasing with promoters. While searching for a perceptive, i oversee operations and administrative staff members. Developing, reviewieng, and improving policies, systems, and procedures, […]

They call me Azza, i am a DJ as well as a mixing editor. I ensure all the requested guest mixes sent in are listened to and structured for radio purposes. Meaning that any guest mixes sent in that is not in accordance to this radio station music genre gets put aside, so far it’s […]

I maintain the sound responsible to ensure the quality of musical recordings and the audio tracks on this radio platform. I set up, test and fine-tune audio recording equipment, record instruments, sound effects, vocal tracks, monitor audio levels and sound quality, mix audio tracks after recordings. There is a difference between loud and clear, knowing […]

The youth of Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution radio, responsible for the crystal audio sound aired on the station. Music is a passion to me and i have mastered many songs and mixes, i believe in the perfect audio level that delivers crisp sound to listeners. I operate equipment that record, synchronize, mix, or reproduce music, voices, […]



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