DJ Skywalk


DJ Skywalk

German legendary House DJ and Producer DJ Skywalk, setting the club scene since 1980 with his trademark beats and top mixes not only in his home country but also regular bookings in Spain and Italy, joins Viper-Oceania Radio for 2 exclusive weekly shows every Friday and Saturday 7pm (C.A.T.) featuring the very best in House music and showcasing his own TUNES to the world. Raise your hands to the sky as DJ Skywalker hits the decks Loud & Proud.

DJ Skywalk has been in the clubs on tour since 1980, in 1997 he licensed his first production with Magma Records Ibiza.

Current Productions to name a few: All featured on Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution Radio.

Lady Marmalade – DJ Skywalk x DA Clubbmaster (VIP Mix)
Lady Marmalade – DJ Skywalk x DA Clubbmaster (Disco 54 Mix)
Boogie Wonderland – DJ Skywalk x DA Clubbmaster
Best Love – DJ Skywalk & Lisa Lucius
Walk On Sky – DK Skywalk
Love 2 Love – DK Skywalk & Lisa Lucius
Perfecto – DJ Skywalk

Spotify: DJ Skywalk

Join DJ Skywalk on Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution Radio, Friday’s & Saturday’s 7pm (C.A.T.)



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