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Terms & Policy, Guest DJ Mix & Promo’s

Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution


When connecting to our radio stream, your IP address will be sent to our radio service provider in order for us to track listening trends and provide licensing bodies with royalty reports. Once our service provider receives your IP it is immediately anonymised, deleted and becomes untraceable. This data is never sold on or passed to other companies.

Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution Radio Android App/ IOS App/Amazon App does not collect any user data when installed or launched on your device, neither does it collect any user data during use.

In order to provide audio control during Phone App use, the App will monitor the ‘state’ of the phone App (Idle, in call, call ended) if applicable on your device. At no point will the App be able to listen in or derive phone numbers or data.

Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution does not forward email addresses to any party, email addresses are never visible to the public (only our email address is), we value the privacy of our listeners, email senders and phone callers. Phone numbers are kept discreet at all times.


The views and opinions expressed on all Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution shows are entirely those of the hosts, guests and callers, who are entirely responsible for all show content, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution or its staff.

These broadcasts are presented and made public AS ENTERTAINMENT, in the hope that they will be entertaining to the audience. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate in any way any disease or condition or to promote any specific lifestyle, belief, religion, political affiliation or other personal practice, nor is the information presented deemed to be accurate or verifiable.

Some parts of this Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution music videos may contain sophisticated music adult content intended for people who are at or above the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence. By viewing or listening, you are representing that you are at or above such legal age of majority and that the content is acceptable to you.

We do NOT in any way condone the use of hate speech or discrimination of any kind.


As we are a professional radio station with pride and dignity, we expect listeners at ALL TIMES to respect our server in return as much as we respect providing the finest music entertainment. If anyone attempts to participate in illegal stream ripping abuse or server abuse towards our radio station will result in offenders been banned from access to this radio station immediately without warning, just the same applies to anyone connecting to our radio station using gadgets which our radio server does not recognize, eg: individual built copyright app’s, it would be best to use app’s for tune in purposes representing Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution which are downloadable from the Play Store, Apple or Amazon, starting with our very own Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution Android app and IOS app available for free with 3 High Quality Stream Channels of the Finest Electronic Dance Music 24/7,  no audio buffering and using only 21 megabytes per hour on each Channel Stream (Huge Data Saver), you can even contact our radio station on our Android & IOS app, how awesome is that.

Guest DJ’s

Our radio station sets a wonderful platform for DJ’s (upcoming and experienced) to have their mix and tunes aired to a world wide large listener base on our server. We promote this to give the DJ/Producer more exposure to their hard work. If you wish to participate in this amazing opportunity, Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution radio requires by regulation for a in depth background of your DJ/Producer highlights, eg: clubs you have played at, if you have produced any tracks? what inspired you to get into the DJ/Production scene, what encouraged you to contact our radio station for a opportunity, where you are from and where you are currently based, a legit link to your mix sets or tracks, promo’s. etc. We also require a photo of yourself (DJ or regular) to promote your content in advance before airing your work, our regulation is for you to announce your DJ name and Shout Out on microphone (even a phone microphone) if you don’t have access to a individual microphone (our radio station can polish up your voice audio to make it sound better in any case), Shout Out should be…”my name is DJ (your DJ name) or Artist/Real name and you are listening to my mix or track on Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution radio, big thanks to Viper-Oceania for airing my mix or track” There is no limit to your Shout Out so feel free to add as much as you like. We require to receive your Shout Out and Mix or Track in either WAV (Uncompressed) or MP3 (320 kbps) format.

We require all of this before we can proceed to air your work, a very important reason for this is not just regulation but on occasions our radio station have received emails consisting of mixes and tunes requesting us to air it and for some absurd reason it’s not actually the track or mix of the person who initially sent it, bizarre but unfortunately true.

Once again, our radio station provides a solid and wonderful platform for guest DJ Mix slots and Track exposure, nothing better than having your hard work aired and exposed to large world wide listeners. Our platform is here and Big Up’s to the DJ’s and Artists who have featured on our radio station, we are still receiving emails from the public requesting most of the DJ’s to return for more slots which are filling up fast, don’t miss out!

Please feel free to contact our radio station through the Facebook Messenger (bottom right of screen) or email: if you wish to have your Mix or Track aired on our platform, public listener Shout Out requests are also welcome.

Enjoy the music right here on 3 High Quality Electronic Dance Music Channel Streams, crank it up Loud & thank you for your continued support.



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