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Odie K / Administration Manager

I am the administration manager for Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution, my duties are ensuring that all shows are aired on time, setting up radio interviews including Skype and video feed, exploring new ideas, liasing with promoters.

While searching for a perceptive, i oversee operations and administrative staff members. Developing, reviewieng, and improving policies, systems, and procedures, generally ensuring the radio operates smoothly and efficiently. I also assist in developing and delegating tasks, tracking progress on projects, and planning and organizing a calendar of events, which may include interviews, new hire orientations, and policy or procedure updates.


My Favourite Quote

Life brings us as many joyful moments as it does downfalls, and although there are days we wish there was a manual to follow, it simply wouldn’t be the same without the spontaneity. The journey of life may not become easier as we grow older, but we do seem to understand it better as our perspectives evolve. Whether you’re embarking on a new adventure right out of school or you want to explore different paths in your personal life, it’s never too kate to change what the future looks like.




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