Saturday night raves kept half of Sheffield awake

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Police believe there were two separate events, with reports that one was still going on at 10:AM Sunday morning

Residents of Sheffield were reportedly kept awake “all night” on Saturday evening by two “massive” raves that could be heard across the city, according to South Yorkshire Police — with some accounts suggesting that music could still be heard at 10:AM Sunday morning.

South Yorkshire Police Chief Inspector Gareth Thomas told Mixmag that he believes there were two separate events, which are currently under investigation.

Chief Inspector Thomas said: “Throughout the early hours of Sunday 26 February, police received multiple complaints about noise coming from an event at an unknown location in Sheffield.

“We appreciate that this caused significant noise disruption and affected members of the public across a large part of Sheffield. Despite enquiries and searches to seek to locate the source of the noise, officers were unfortunately unable to locate any event.

“Following further investigations since, it is believed that two events had taken place in the Ringinglow and Darnall areas. Investigations are ongoing and we are carrying out work alongside partner agencies to ensure we are able to better respond to any future events of this nature.”

A number of Sheffield residents took to social media throughout the night to express their frustration with the lack of shut-eye, with Twitter user Kiera Chapman writing: “Urgh to the all-night rave organisers in Sheffield whose event has kept me awake three miles away, I hope a pitchfork wielding mob chuck your stupid sound system in the river.”

People from areas across the city including Nether Edge, Hillsborough, Malin Bridge, Wybourn, Loxley, Millhouses, Meersbrook, Woodseats, Crosspool, Crookes and Stannington reported hearing the hum of bass.

Kat Cowan, a presenter for BBC Sheffield wrote: “Any one else in Sheffield woken up [by] what sounded like a massive rave last night?

“Can’t work out where it was,” she continued. “I’m in Hunters Bar but I’ve seen people in Stannington say they could hear it.

Others though, saw the brighter side. Twitter user @belly_eighty5 wrote: “For as annoyed I might have been, fair fucking play 14 hours later still going strong. May the rave be with you.”

Sheffield-based DJ and radio show host Benny Maths posted at 9:05AM on Sunday morning: “Woke at 6am to the distant thrum of bass echoing around Malin Brige.

“Smiled at the flood of memories it brought back, then checked socials to find a secret rave’s been going on all night & kept half of Sheffield awake,” he continued. “It’s still going!”

Written by: Michael Keet

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